Intent-driven NaTive AI architecturE supporting Compute-Network abstraction and Sensing at the Deep Edge

The project proposes a new system architecture for future 6G Smart Networks, characterised by high performance and energy efficiency, facilitating advanced internet applications. Key goals include driving an industry revolution, fostering digital transformation, and building smart societies with improved quality of life through features, like autonomous systems, haptic communication, and smart healthcare.


Offer a distributed Intent-driven management and orchestration plane for autonomously reconciled intent declarations in multi-stakeholder ecosystems.
Deliver an intent-based Abstraction Framework for the 6G Network-Compute Fabric.
Deliver a scalable Compute Interconnection solution based on Software defined – Wide area networking for self-organised Service Mesh deployments.
Deliver the first concrete AI Native Toolkit implementation, offering intent decomposition, actuation, and reconciliation towards fully Autonomous Domains.
Deliver a federated AI plane for multi-stakeholder 6G ecosystems, via knowledge optimisation, synthesis, and intent propagation mechanisms.
Support privacy-preserving Joint Communication & Sensing for resilience and dependability at the Deep Edge.
Maximise the project’s impact and raise awareness through wide dissemination, communication, exploitation, and standardisation activities.

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